Nexus Glide Prostate Massager

Nexus Glide P-Spot Massager Specs

The Nexus Glide P-Spot Massager From Just £34.50
Size - Insertable height
4.5 inches (11.5cm)
Size - Shaft diameter
1.3 inches (3cm) Thickest point
3.5 inches (9cm) Thickest point
Black, White, Red, Purple, Orange
  • black colour sex toy
  • white colour sex toy
  • red colour sex toy
  • purple colour sex toy
  • orange colour sex toy

About the Nexus Glide P-Spot Massager

The Nexus Glide has been medically designed to fit snugly around the prostate, locking on for maximum orgasmic pleasure. This male G-Spot stimulator works in harmony with your own body movements to tap into the extreme pleasure zones of the prostate gland, perineum, and anal area. The combined stimulation of these hot spots create far more intense, longer, and more pleasurable orgasms for men. The Nexus Glide makes it possible for men to have hands-free, full body, lengthy orgasms with or without ejaculating.

The perineum- stimulating stainless steel ball combined with its small size and shape makes this prostate massager unique, incorporating male G-Spot massage with delicate, almost tongue-like sensations on the perineum, the outer access to the male G-Spot. This ball bearing embedded in the perineum stimulator licks the perineum with short, firm strokes.

The Glide is perfect for beginners to anal play, but will not disappoint more experienced prostate massage users. With the smaller design, it fits easily into tight spaces, hitting the right spot every time, just as a good prostate massager should. The ribs on the male g-spot massager add extra sensations, and the ball bearing adds the glissade effect to the perineum. This male sex toy is for all men: straight, gay, or bi. The prostate massager also works well when used with a partner, heightening the sensual experience and taking it to another level of intimacy and ecstasy.

Nexus Glide Reviews

By: Kim Jong, Brussels

"The ball bearing on the Nexus Glide adds this glamorous and cheeky aspect which I just love! The feel is gorgeous too. Highly recommended. A must for every man's top drawer."

By: Jeremy Spencer, Manchester

"I can safely say I have NEVER experienced orgasms like that before. Well done people, The Nexus Glide is a great invention!"

By: Patrick O'Neil, Liverpool

"Boom boom bastic!!! Loved it, am still getting quivers when I think about it - at work, mind! Ball bearings and g-spots, p-spots, whatever... give me more!"